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Go behind the scenes with the cast of Attaway General Season 2 as they dig deep into pressing topics like skincare, social media, and more!
When a group of very different teens arrive at Attaway General Hospital’s prestigious volunteer program, they must learn to work together to survive the program and make a difference in the lives of their patients.
Brat TV makes original shows with all your favorite creators! Tune in after school for full episodes of “Chicken Girls,” “Attaway General,” “Crown Lake” and more!


    Emi HopperEmi Hopperთვის წინ
  • You guys should put a hole season in one vid

    Bree C WernerBree C Wernerთვის წინ

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  • Gay

    The Apyr ShowThe Apyr Show2 თვის წინ
  • 1:03 she looks like sabrina carpenter

    YoshishyYoshishy3 თვის წინ
  • i love u brat tv i would my dream if u liked my commet and reply I love u i was here from the chicken girls

    bn bbn b3 თვის წინ
  • This comes out my birthday I'm turning 13!

    dis girl luvs gacha lifedis girl luvs gacha life3 თვის წინ
  • When will be new episodes

    Elīna LatkovskaElīna Latkovska3 თვის წინ
  • I want crown lake season 3:(

    Steven SulitSteven Sulit3 თვის წინ
  • I youst want each of them to have a love❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

    iris Escobariris Escobar3 თვის წინ
  • Lol this show is going to help so many people who are insecure BRAT IS DA BEST ☺️

  • Brat.... When will Rooney's Last Roll come back?? And when is the next chicken girls release with the OG cast....

    Suganthi LakshmiSuganthi Lakshmi3 თვის წინ
  • Imagine being 16 a excellent actor hoping to someday be in a brat series😊 ... I believe anything is possible

    Anlisa KeatenAnlisa Keaten3 თვის წინ
  • Dear Brat, I love you to infintity and beyound! and 100000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000! Love Tarini. P:S my favorite shows on Brat tv are Stage fright and chicken girls

    Tarini MenonTarini Menon3 თვის წინ
  • Its releasing on my birthday! Letzz goo!!!

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  • I didn’t think this show could get worse......I-

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  • 1 Day late watching this😀Love ur videos❤️

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  • Where tf is Kit? I liked her more with Holden😤😭

    Khrisha BerniceKhrisha Bernice3 თვის წინ
  • Pls release other seasons of Crown Lake , Stage Fright and Zoe Valentine...pls brat :((

    Kanchan LataKanchan Lata3 თვის წინ
  • tbh I'm only watching this for kio

    halahala3 თვის წინ
  • What if kio and Eric were brothers

    Larissawpp PlaysLarissawpp Plays3 თვის წინ
  • Let's just admit we're all simping over Kio.

    Jadah WiseJadah Wise3 თვის წინ
  • when is season 8 of chicken girls coming

    nealisa simsnealisa sims3 თვის წინ
  • Is ther gonna be ep 3?

    Louise EliassenLouise Eliassen3 თვის წინ
  • I wish I got a heart for brat tv

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  • Its mg birthday on January 29th 😂

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  • How do you become a brat actress

    Hp AngelHp Angel3 თვის წინ
  • Kio is so cute!! Like for the last couple months I kinda feel like he disappeared off the earth cuz I didn’t see anything about him on social media but now I’m like “yayyyyyyy Kio’s back!!!!”’ I missed him

    PenguinLoverPenguinLover3 თვის წინ
  • I wish you guys would notice me ;)

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  • Kio!!!

    Amna NurAmna Nur3 თვის წინ
  • Whers is dixie

    Sherlyn CucarachaSherlyn Cucaracha3 თვის წინ
  • Love you guys

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  • Y’all are done with chicken girls

    Aviyanna PrattAviyanna Pratt3 თვის წინ
  • 344 to comment

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  • I like kio cyr

    Krista BriceñoKrista Briceño3 თვის წინ
  • Would be new episod of Rooney last role?

    Ivana ČesákováIvana Česáková3 თვის წინ
  • Yay I'm so excited 😁

    Carol IbrahimCarol Ibrahim3 თვის წინ
  • me seeing kiocyr at the thumbnail *touches rapidly without even watching the title until now i still havent seen it* love you kio 🥺😭💀

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  • I want kit back 😭😭😔

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  • Talk about James Charles have you seen Betty he is a girl like he do be trippin

    Folakunmi LawalFolakunmi Lawal3 თვის წინ
  • Who else is just watching another movie on brat tv 📺cuz their bored of eating too long for the chicken girls season 8

    Folakunmi LawalFolakunmi Lawal3 თვის წინ
  • okay but how do we know we hv one of the problem without go to the therapist ?

    batbat3 თვის წინ
  • When is episode 3 coming up

    M. i r a c u  l   o  u   sM. i r a c u l o u s3 თვის წინ
  • ahhh I love all these bts things you guys are doing!

    Emma TacchinoEmma Tacchino3 თვის წინ
  • omg i cant wait to watch this!

    AJ Roblox Girls SquadAJ Roblox Girls Squad3 თვის წინ
  • When is season 8 of chicken girls coming out

    Keniyah MorganKeniyah Morgan3 თვის წინ
  • Soooo...you're telling me...dixie left?...

    V I B E SV I B E S3 თვის წინ
  • I’ve been here since the first video..... Y’all are so amazing ❤️❤️❤️❤️, pls notice me 🌸🌸🌸🌸🌸

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  • When is the third episode

    عاشقة الملاك رانعاشقة الملاك ران3 თვის წინ

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  • Ami the only one who is just staring at Eric (holden) the whole time

    X Irisha XX Irisha X3 თვის წინ
  • Good job Brat! Looking forward for more n more new docus n series like this... tons of ❤️😁

    Neeharika kanaka raoNeeharika kanaka rao3 თვის წინ
  • It my dream to act on brat tv😍 I'll never make it there but a girl can dream😔😊

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  • 💜

    sareesaree3 თვის წინ
  • I can't wait for the next episode of chicken girls i love it💗💗

    renthleirenthlei3 თვის წინ
  • lol i love how they put like actual problems and then 'sKIn CaRe' ahahah

    Jasmine LiewJasmine Liew3 თვის წინ
  • Waw

    short clipsshort clips3 თვის წინ
  • Can’t wait!!

    Anastasia E.Anastasia E.3 თვის წინ
  • my dream is one day to be on brat

    Nae NaeNae Nae3 თვის წინ
  • R madi and that girl real sisters irl?

    Guntas SainiGuntas Saini3 თვის წინ
    • No just in the show

      Jana TahaJana Taha3 თვის წინ
  • ❤️❤️❤️

    Ilijah JoyIlijah Joy3 თვის წინ
  • Can't Wait!

    Bailey HelgrenBailey Helgren3 თვის წინ
  • i thought this was a movie trailer 💀

    QueenNyaQueenNya3 თვის წინ
  • skincare is my passion, i struggle with it almost daily. Thank God for brat TV

    Isaacv3Isaacv33 თვის წინ
  • I was so excited when I saw Brat in my notification. I love all their shows and videos

    Sherise MooreSherise Moore3 თვის წინ
  • Without Dixie, Griffin, Kit, and Diego I don't think it gonna be fun

    Brian WillamsBrian Willams3 თვის წინ
    • Kit is gabby

      DaBlackGyalDaBlackGyal3 თვის წინ
    • i agree-

      Anna TaylorAnna Taylor3 თვის წინ
  • My cousin dog died

    Amy’s LifeAmy’s Life3 თვის წინ
  • not be like rushy....but when is the season 8 trailor coming out! also great work on every show you do!

    IIcloudyx daysIIcloudyx days3 თვის წინ
  • It is so cool that they are doing this! I think that it is going to help a lot of people!

    Des.JDes.J3 თვის წინ
  • So ready 💕

    Variah HudsonVariah Hudson3 თვის წინ
  • I love you guys! That is such an amazing idea! You are going to help and inspire many people!❤️❤️❤️

    Emma SilvesterEmma Silvester3 თვის წინ
  • how do you get to be on brat? id love to act for this program

    amanda delgadoamanda delgado3 თვის წინ
  • Me; Dad I have started watching this new GEworld channel which make great tv shows right now I’m watching Dirt, it’s called Brat tv Dad: your not a brat

    Ruby BentleyRuby Bentley3 თვის წინ
  • Wow this is actually great I really think it’s great to talk about these important issues.

    Marvelous StoneMarvelous Stone3 თვის წინ
  • What happend deigo

    Janaya GonzalesJanaya Gonzales3 თვის წინ
  • If Kio was an EMT worker i'd be more comfortable going to a hospital.

    Jaxon MikaiusJaxon Mikaius3 თვის წინ
    • @Marwah Muhammad omg same👶🏽

      Jadah WiseJadah Wise3 თვის წინ
    • Tf-

      The TeaThe Tea3 თვის წინ
    • i think i would pass out when he's treating me-

      Marwah MuhammadMarwah Muhammad3 თვის წინ
    • Omg ikkk🙈

      Jadah WiseJadah Wise3 თვის წინ
    • Right😂

      PenguinLoverPenguinLover3 თვის წინ
  • Okay so you just showed me that kio (Jamie) got hurt because he was in a hospital bed so like NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO💔

    toker.highlightstoker.highlights3 თვის წინ
  • heyy

    Monea AdkinsMonea Adkins3 თვის წინ
  • This is going to be just like chicken girls.The longest season out of attaway General

    Eclipse TV FilmsEclipse TV Films3 თვის წინ
  • Tik tokers ruined brat

    Blueberry BooBlueberry Boo3 თვის წინ
  • Heart and soul good much brat

    Julia Acouth paulJulia Acouth paul3 თვის წინ
  • when is the movie coming out

    Kylee HesseltineKylee Hesseltine3 თვის წინ
  • I can’t wait for the drag queen episode AHHH

    Jordan LopezJordan Lopez3 თვის წინ
    • saaaame

      Brat TVBrat TV3 თვის წინ
  • I love this! Thank you bratTV

    Ally UnicornAlly Unicorn3 თვის წინ
  • I honestly love this series so much 👇

    Charlize clydiona RanawaiCharlize clydiona Ranawai3 თვის წინ
  • 💗

    Addison Rae FanpageAddison Rae Fanpage3 თვის წინ
  • So Attaway General is saving the world? Great job guys!!

    IntercaustIntercaust3 თვის წინ
  • “Mental healthy Anxiety Cyberbullying SKINCARE” Yep, makes total sense

    Nina HuangNina Huang3 თვის წინ
  • Hi Brat

    James DohertyJames Doherty3 თვის წინ
  • I think AG will be more popular than CG

    Harry Potter for lifeHarry Potter for life3 თვის წინ
  • This genuinely made me laugh out loud.

    Kira BrownKira Brown3 თვის წინ
  • Okay but like no one asked for this can y’all bring back Zoe valentine crown lake sunnyside up and total eclipse

    Miguel EugenioMiguel Eugenio3 თვის წინ
    • Yes preach ‼

      Noela ApolotNoela Apolot3 თვის წინ
    • yeah ikr those were some shows with a good plot i have watched every single brat show ever and this has the worst plot...I mean shows like Zoe Valentine,Red Ruby,Crown Lake ,Dirt, Brobot, Sunnyside up, Crazy Fast, A Girl Named Jo,Overnights ,Baby doll records,On the ropes and Total Eclipse had potential and good actors

      Pranjal SainiPranjal Saini3 თვის წინ
    • Total Eclipse is done, I think.

      EntertainmentFanEntertainmentFan3 თვის წინ
  • Dixie?

    Abdullah MarwanAbdullah Marwan3 თვის წინ
  • I love Bennys personality and character in Attaway General

    Lil JayLil Jay3 თვის წინ
    • Duh... Seriously, he rocks.goooo bennyyy

      hiba binth harishiba binth haris3 თვის წინ
  • this place has become tiktok all over again. You just lost a subscriber

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  • love this!!

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  • I dont know why little kids like this tv show The rest of the internet hates it's flow This show gets a bunch of backlash If you like this tv show, splish splash you're opinion is trash.

    Joshua J.Joshua J.3 თვის წინ
  • 0:58 Is that Kio?

    Angel LoveAngel Love3 თვის წინ
  • Me: Mom can we get greys anatomy? Mom: We have greys anatomy at home. Greys anatomy at home:

    Joshua J.Joshua J.3 თვის წინ
    • when am i gonna stop seeing this joke copied everywhere

      AA3 თვის წინ
    • @Joshua J. PLEASE- 😭

      Michelle ??Michelle ??3 თვის წინ
    • @Lizzie Mondragon Your a tiktoker so i assume you wouldnt understand this joke

      Joshua J.Joshua J.3 თვის წინ
    • I dont get it.

      Lizzie MondragonLizzie Mondragon3 თვის წინ
    • Hahah

      Natalie HerreraNatalie Herrera3 თვის წინ
  • This is sooo coollll

    Margaret FraserMargaret Fraser3 თვის წინ