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Join Kenzie Ziegler as she helps us count down the top 20 memorable moments of her 2020. What were your favorite moments? Comment below!

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  • when i watch this it makes me wanna cry bc it reminds me of total eclipse and it use to be my fav thing on brat its so sad that it ended :(((

    The Lil Berry -RobloxThe Lil Berry -Roblox29 დღის წინ
  • Lily Luu

    Tammy LuuTammy Luuთვის წინ
  • I love Kenzie she is an amazing person

    Ewaggoner05 Ewaggoner05Ewaggoner05 Ewaggoner05თვის წინ
  • Hlo Cassie

    Rohit NegiRohit Negiთვის წინ
  • Why kenzie??

    Johan ThiessenJohan Thiessenთვის წინ
  • Grand Army ✊❤️❤️

    Nonhlanhla MchunuNonhlanhla Mchunuთვის წინ
  • What's your 2 favourite shows on brat tv just curious? Chicken girls stage fright Zoe valentine total eclipse Crown lake Attaway general on the ropes mani Hotel du loone Crazy fast A girl named Jo Boss cheer Sunnyside up Dirt Stuck Red ruby Mine are Stage fright as first and chicken girls as second. ( sorry if this is a bit long 😅)

    Tarini MenonTarini Menonთვის წინ
  • Anyone else miss Zoe valentine 😔

    Holly PittsHolly Pittsთვის წინ
  • Yayyyyyy just dance! I got it for Christmas!

    Danielle CutjarDanielle Cutjarთვის წინ
  • So I think Kenzie is tulip and when she said “I’ve been getting tested a lot for shows” definitely makes me believe it more

    Hogwarts Is my homeHogwarts Is my homeთვის წინ
  • I love Grand Army❤

    Lisbet CastroLisbet Castroთვის წინ
  • she got a tattoo------ waaaaaaaatt

    Elana BananaElana Bananaთვის წინ
  • Most kids are here watching brat she should not tell them to watch Europe 😭

    Trinity EllisTrinity Ellisთვის წინ
  • kids under the age 12 and under please do not watch euphoria 😭🖐🏾 I’m 15 I have only watch the first ep and died and havnt went back to the show I want to but like I-

    Trinity EllisTrinity Ellisთვის წინ
  • When is the next episode of chicken girls coming?

    Mia Waldron AcevedoMia Waldron Acevedoთვის წინ
  • Please make chicken girls season 8 !!!!! I love the show!!!!!!!!!Please!!

    Adalia WiafeAdalia Wiafeთვის წინ
  • Does anyone know when Crown lake and zoe valentine season 3 coming up? It's been a year lol

    you are my sunshineyou are my sunshineთვის წინ
  • 4 Days late watching this😃Love ur videos❤️

    Euphoria NightmareEuphoria Nightmareთვის წინ
  • I love Johnny they’re good friends and I like Kenzie ⚡️🤩

    Anussha 10Anussha 10თვის წინ
  • When is the new chicken girl’s season?

    rexzz fnrexzz fnთვის წინ
    • Ikr

      AesthecityAesthecityთვის წინ
    • that’s long tho still

      rexzz fnrexzz fnთვის წინ
    • On Apr from my calculations

      AesthecityAesthecityთვის წინ
  • Best brat actors and actresses: This is not in order Jules/Annie Leblanc : Rhyme McAdams (Chicken girls) (Zoe valentine) Jo chambers on (A girl named Jo) Narrator on (Sunnyside Up) Haley leblanc: Harmony McAdams (Chicken girls) (Mani) Jazzy on (Hotel du loone) Mackenzie ziegler : Cassie (Total eclipse) Dixie d'amelio : Georgia (Attaway General) Hayden summeral : T.K (Chicken girls) Txunamy ortiz : Brittany (Chicken girls) (Mani) Coco quinn : Katie (Chicken girls) (Mani) Piper rockelle: Sky (Mani) (chicken girls) Griffin Johnson (I didn't want to put him here but its true) : Will (Attaway General) Nia Sioux : (Sunnyside Up) Elliana walmsley: Claire Fitzroy (Chicken girls) Sammy (Boss cheer) Sofie dossi: Dani (Boss cheer) Nicole laeno : Bree (Boss cheer) Riley Lewis: Quinn (chicken girls) (Rooney's last roll) Mads lewis: Birdie (chicken girls) Dylan cornique : Kayla (Chicken girls) Carson lueders: Ace (Chicken girls) Jenna Davis : Monica (Chicken girls) Carter southern: Isaac Jones (zoe valentine) (chicken girls) Sofie fergi: Goth girl (Mani) Mia talerico : Paige (Mani) Julian Clark : Indiana Masara: Rooney on (Chicken girls) (Rooney's last roll) (Total eclipse ) Diego valaquez: Brody on (Zoe valentine) Mace coronel: Milo on (Zoe valentine) Anna Cathcart: Zoe on (Zoe valentine) Francesca capali : Nellie on (Crown lake) Kyla drew : Tiffany on ( Crown lake) These are just some of them I love them alllll😘

    Jodi-Kay KontehJodi-Kay Kontehთვის წინ
  • When is chicken girls coming out

    Jazmin DiazJazmin Diazთვის წინ
  • Yo are they gonna let Kenzie’s new boyfriend in total eclipse cause they did it with the other 2

    Yea it’s Me AriYea it’s Me Ariთვის წინ
  • Am I the only BTS fan here that got triggered with “Euphoria” and “Grand Army”?? Like I can’t be the only one😭 also yes I love Kenzie she is beautiful and has been my favorite ever since Dance Moms:)

    hi._.hi._.თვის წინ
  • why does her voice sound different? it sounds much deeper XD

    olixviaolixviaთვის წინ
  • I think n grand Army is so underrated it’s such a good show and it talks about so much things, I wish it was more big

    Ezra SerranoEzra Serranoთვის წინ
  • Anyone notice Kenzie got a tattoo on her hand

    laurenlaurenთვის წინ
  • What happened to chin girls

    Mando MosquedaMando Mosquedaთვის წინ
  • yessss me too!!! love you kenzie an love ur music❤️❤️😍

    Leiah LaCossadeLeiah LaCossadeთვის წინ
  • who notice Kenzie have a heart tattoo!!??

  • Hi Brat; I'm interested in investing; where would I be able to contact you guys?

    David WangDavid Wangთვის წინ
  • Am I the only one who just realized she has a heart tattoo

    Kizzy FrontinKizzy Frontinთვის წინ
  • i just came from her if the shoe fits solo lol she has grown so much

    brayton torresbrayton torresთვის წინ
  • my favorite show is stranger things and I love Billie and Ariana

    Teresa MarquesTeresa Marquesთვის წინ
  • Pls bring back total eclipse n sassie

    Phemelo NkoanePhemelo Nkoaneთვის წინ
  • Is it just me who's waiting for chicken girls season 8..?

    Parveen RizwanParveen Rizwanთვის წინ
  • Yeah true

    sleepy dancuesleepy dancueთვის წინ
  • I’m 10 and my favorite show is vampire diaries

    Audrina ColonAudrina Colonთვის წინ
  • Brat: *reveals that sassie isnt happening and thyme isnt either* Sassie shippers: she dont see us... you see me Thyme shippers: yes i see you you see me Sassie shippers: hell yes i see you two of us sitting here looking like two big barns

    Antonia ManzanillaAntonia Manzanillaთვის წინ
    • 😂😂😂😂

      Anan DawitAnan Dawitთვის წინ
  • Is it just me or did I just realize Maddie had a boyfriend

    Sofia BolanosSofia Bolanosთვის წინ
  • i love how kenzie and maddie are so close to each other

    SolarSolarთვის წინ

    Ariel ArabellAriel Arabellთვის წინ
  • Omg.

    Ariel ArabellAriel Arabellთვის წინ
  • When is chicken girls new episode coming out?

    Divisha ChandakDivisha Chandakთვის წინ
    • And maybe more shows

      Divisha ChandakDivisha Chandakთვის წინ
  • Her hair looks bomb ♥️♥️♥️

    Khamyaa SushilKhamyaa Sushilთვის წინ
  • Do one for jules please

    Suyin Mei LeeSuyin Mei Leeთვის წინ
    • they did one with her let other people have the spotlight

      Teagan McMillanTeagan McMillanთვის წინ
  • I love you kenzie❤

    Mary Lilia jonesMary Lilia jonesთვის წინ
  • I want Kenzie and Johnny and Annie to be together in a show ... It will be a blast

    ayesha yaqoobayesha yaqoobთვის წინ
    • I like to call her Annie LeBlanc

      ayesha yaqoobayesha yaqoobთვის წინ
    • *Jules

      MariamMariamთვის წინ
  • 268 to comment

    Goomw LoveGoomw Loveთვის წინ
  • Who else remembers watching her on Dance Moms!? Just me?

    4 brothers and me4 brothers and meთვის წინ
  • The movement I heard 'my future by *billie eilish* ' I just simply looved the vid #eilishforever 💚💚

    Chinmayi's Art StudioChinmayi's Art Studioთვის წინ
  • And hopefully 2021 is a better year

    Briana GonzalezBriana Gonzalezთვის წინ
  • I got the just dance 2021 on my Nintendo

    Briana GonzalezBriana Gonzalezთვის წინ
  • Kenzie ur the best I love u

    AmieeAmieeთვის წინ
  • Love you guys!! ❤️

    Olivia GrellOlivia Grellთვის წინ
  • Totally Eclipse and Zoe Valentine are gone in the description box. I knew Totally Eclipse was over but is Zoe Valentine show over too?

    AlyAlyთვის წინ
  • Guy how want total eclipse new season

    Dipak NaikDipak Naikთვის წინ
  • Another season of total eclipse please

    L O L I P A XL O L I P A Xთვის წინ
  • Love u kenz so muchhhh, ur so beautiful and sweet ❤️

    Camila RoldanCamila Roldanთვის წინ
  • Can we please have Johnny Orlando

    Kissiwaa YeboahKissiwaa Yeboahთვის წინ
  • i also just got just dance 2021 lol its so fun!

    Micaela DeMarcoMicaela DeMarcoთვის წინ
  • Kenzie: my fav show is euphoria if u didn't u should watch it Me: 9 ........

    • Me: *thinks of jungkook*

      Hannah CHUI WAN CHEONGHannah CHUI WAN CHEONGთვის წინ
  • Did she say Maddie was dating?

    Christina NicolChristina Nicolთვის წინ
  • I had a good New Year’s hope you did to hope 2021 it’s better

    Brooke NeillBrooke Neillთვის წინ
  • I look a Lot like mackienze

    Rocio JoseRocio Joseთვის წინ
  • I hope we see Lauren, John and Kenzie be best friends again?!!!!!

    Demia ThomasDemia Thomasთვის წინ
    • @L O L I P A X me too

      Kevor ThompsonKevor Thompsonთვის წინ
    • yeah...i miss them soooooooo much.

      Dii Diki ChawngthuDii Diki Chawngthuთვის წინ
    • @Demia Thomas yeah sure!

      Niki PaulNiki Paulთვის წინ
    • @Niki Paul that’s why I said beat friends just like how Dylan and Kenzie are best friends

      Demia ThomasDemia Thomasთვის წინ
    • They are still very good friends

      Niki PaulNiki Paulთვის წინ
  • I just noticed she has a tattoo on her wrist! 😯

    Taylor DuranTaylor Duranთვის წინ
    • Same

      Katie StewartKatie Stewartთვის წინ
  • I love this channel 💘😍

    Alecha WattAlecha Wattთვის წინ
  • ❤️❤️❤️

    Ilijah JoyIlijah Joyთვის წინ
  • I love pictionary!!! I haven't finished the video yet

    punda tuberpunda tuberთვის წინ
  • Yay i love this video like who doesn't like kenzie, she give such a positive vibe, right?

    K . JK . Jთვის წინ
  • I'm an actor and i wanna join so bad but I'm not a tik tok star :( Would it be possible to still be able to audition?

    Tokyo OfficialTokyo Officialთვის წინ
    • @Tokyo Official ❤

      Tanishka LTanishka Lთვის წინ
    • @Tanishka L Aw your so nice! This means so much to me! if I do become big one day ill remember you for sure! :))

      Tokyo OfficialTokyo Officialთვის წინ
    • @Tokyo Official I mean look at u, u are GORGEOUS!! I wish u the best and I hope some day when u get big u will remember I'm your no.1 fan!!!

      Tanishka LTanishka Lთვის წინ
    • @Tanishka L Really? Thank you!

      Tokyo OfficialTokyo Officialთვის წინ
    • U are beautiful!!!!

      Tanishka LTanishka Lთვის წინ
  • Hello happy New Years my birthday is tomorrow and the best birthday present Wii’s be if I got a shout out I love you guys I would appreciate it.

    Katie StewartKatie Stewartთვის წინ
  • love euphoria too

    Sophia DewarSophia Dewarთვის წინ
  • Why are there hardly any comments???

    MillieMillieთვის წინ
  • Omg kenzie looks so beautiful

    Eugenia EstevezEugenia Estevezთვის წინ
  • She’s so pretty!!

    adasia raeeadasia raeeთვის წინ
  • Does kenzie have a tatto

    Lilly LucyLilly Lucyთვის წინ
  • OMG I love Kenzie!! She is so kind, and funny!! I really hope everyone who's sees this comment has a very good new year of 2021!!

    Jatie Lover 6Jatie Lover 6თვის წინ
    • Jatie Lover 6 I hope you have a great 2021 too!

      Zoya JohnZoya Johnთვის წინ
  • She is so beautiful omggggg

    Maria SeculaMaria Seculaთვის წინ
  • She loves euphoria 🤧🤧🤧🤧

  • Does she have a cold?

    Bridget SeekellBridget Seekellთვის წინ
  • Kenzie and Johnny is the best brat actor and actress

    Lucas NgaiLucas Ngaiთვის წინ
    • @Comments Only it dont matter all four of them are the STARS of brat and def carried their shows

      Antonia ManzanillaAntonia Manzanillaთვის წინ
    • @Comments Only this is about her tho

      Teagan McMillanTeagan McMillanთვის წინ
    • Actually no .. in my opinion I love Jules / Annie and Hayden 😏 PERIOD #imisshannie #HANNIE4LIFE

      Comments OnlyComments Onlyთვის წინ
    • Yeah

      Anussha 10Anussha 10თვის წინ
    • @Aarya K. yuss she is my favourite

      Teagan McMillanTeagan McMillanთვის წინ
  • Hey is Total eclipse coming back for a season 5?

    Carla2 CastleCarla2 Castleთვის წინ
    • I don’t think so!! But i hope there's more seasons in total eclipse 😅

  • My favourite person🥺🖤

    AbbyAbbyთვის წინ
  • Why does it say published Jan 2,2021

    cutie catcutie catთვის წინ
  • Happy 2021

    Lina DehkalLina Dehkalთვის წინ
  • Wait there’s a Just Dance 2021?!

    Madden BenjaminMadden Benjaminთვის წინ
  • She is tulip on masked dancer

    Claire GrantClaire Grantთვის წინ
  • Fantastic 😍💋 💝💖♥️❤️

    oul BJ xWernoul BJ xWernთვის წინ
  • Who is here after Kenzie could be tulip in masked dancer!!!! Like if you think so! Edit: or Maddie or even Melissa

    Pia PateliaPia Pateliaთვის წინ
    • Its definitely a Ziegler

      Hogwarts Is my homeHogwarts Is my homeთვის წინ
    • @Lillie thxz❤️

      laurenlaurenთვის წინ
    • @lauren that’s ok :)

      LillieLillieთვის წინ
    • @Lillie oh lol I didn’t so im so srry

      laurenlaurenთვის წინ
    • @lauren no we’re talking about masked dancer. The tulip is on the masked dancer

      LillieLillieთვის წინ
  • she’s come sooo far from dance moms

    Kady McLeanKady McLeanთვის წინ
  • I liked these

    Anastasia E.Anastasia E.თვის წინ
  • 💗

    Addison Rae FanpageAddison Rae Fanpageთვის წინ
  • I love watching brat so much! This is how many love brat ⬇️

    Sloth AvacadoSloth Avacadoთვის წინ
  • I do remember

    Anabel WongAnabel Wongთვის წინ
  • Hi Brat

    James DohertyJames Dohertyთვის წინ
  • When is the next episode of roonie’s role coming out!??

    ariaariaთვის წინ
  • omg ilysm kenzie❤💖

    Carly AyerCarly Ayerთვის წინ
  • Kenzie is beautiful ❤️

    shreya dandapatshreya dandapatთვის წინ